Cargo schooner for sale

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Schooner boats for sale

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Schooners For Sale

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cargo schooner for sale

Posted: 27 days ago. Quarter Tonner Runaway Bus. Sunrise Expedition Yacht. Rosebank 31 Aqua Fibre Hul Floating Crane Self Propel New Split-hull Multicat.A Schooner is a classic sail yacht equipped with fore-and-aft rigs and having two or more masts. It is a traditional type of sail watercraft in Europe, which is not popular nowadays, but has a lot of advantages over other types. Particularly, schooners are able to reach high speed during side wind, capable of going at acute angles to the wind, have simpler rigged sails as opposed to the square rig vessels.

In the past centuries, the schooners were the fastest and most convenient ships. Nowadays, two or three people is quite enough to run the modern schooners. And the smaller ones can even be operated by one pilot. Schooners of today are not considered to be the best yacht to sail. There are a lot of other vessels with more comfortable handling, higher stability and faster movement, but most of it is due to modern technology and electronics. Schooners that are not modernly equipped are still capable to perform quite well.

If you would like to have a yacht that looks like a sail ship from the old times, schooner is your choice. These vessels were used in the sixteenth or seventeenth century by the Dutch.

Around the eighteenth century they were further developed in North America and came into extensive use in England. The most common type of Schooner has two masts. The two-mast Schooner was popular in trades requiring windward ability and speed and were popular on both sides of the Atlantic in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

We are fully bonded and licensed yacht brokers that have worked with yacht connoisseurs from all over the world for more than fifty years and counting. When it comes to Schooner Sailboats for Sale, you may be dealing with a buyer or seller overseas, which is why working with a broker like Atlantic Yacht puts you at an advantage.

We work with and have strong partnerships with large-scale yacht and sail boat manufacturers from all over the world and we provide additional services such as assistance with legal support, financing, the hiring of crewmembers, spare parts delivery and more.

cargo schooner for sale

Only deal with professionals! Industry leader in sales and service of boats, ships since Schooners For Sale. Call us for purchase or sell your Schooner today Tallships For Sale. Performance Sailboats For Sale. Motorsailors For Sale. Cruising Ketch For Sale. Classic Yachts For Sale. Deck Saloons For Sale. Sail Sloops For Sale.Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of the Apollo Duck User Agreement. We use cookies to enhance the functionality of this service.

Boats for sale: International. View 22 boats for sale in Russia. Mobile Site.

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New Boat Ranges. Virginia Currer Marine Ltd W. View 11 photos - Video Available! Posted: 5 hours ago. Alerts Watch this Advert. View 77 photos - Video Available! Posted: 1 day ago. View 1 photo. Posted: 2 days ago. View 23 photos. Posted: 4 days ago. View 19 photos.

cargo schooner for sale

Posted: 5 days ago. View 45 photos. Posted: 13 days ago.Clear All Filters. Nuevo Hanse Read More. The schooner is a classic sailboat, by definition having at least two masts with the main master being longer than the foremast.

Although most have only two masts, they can have three or more, depending on the setup. These boats were preferred by privateers, pirates, and slave ship captains, historically. Today, they have largely been replaced by sloops and other more manageable rigs.

Like other sailboats, schooners are typically built out of wood in a handcrafted process that takes many hours and years of skill. The wood planks are glued and pressed together to create the hull shape, and then the vessel is waterproofed, primed, and painted before being put in the water.

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These vessels are then outfitted with masts and rigs to create the sail setup that designates them from other types of sailing vessels. Schooners are powered by the sails and a rudder, as are most sailboats. The specific rig setup of a schooner calls for two masts, with rigging options available for multiple sails, depending on the amount of wind power needed. Some setups will only rely on 2 or 3, while others may have as many as six or seven sails between the two masts.

Upgraded sails, rigging gear, and performance sailing equipment are available for all kinds of sailboats, including older schooners for those who enjoy this classic design. Boaters can also purchase cabin accessories, seating, coolers, navigation and weather tracking systems, and other premium accessories and optional equipment to increase the functionality of an otherwise simple sailboat design.

Premium marine stereos, radar systems, and fish finders are also available for schooners and other sailing vessels. All New Used. Sail Schooner Custom Other Gulet 5.

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Schooner Bermuda Den Oever, Netherlands.Boat Trader App Find your boat today. Filter 1 Clear Filters.

By Zip. Zip Only 10 miles 25 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles Any Distance from. District Of Columbia. New Hampshire. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York.

cargo schooner for sale

North Carolina. Rhode Island. West Virginia. Power-all-power All Power. Aft Cabin. Aluminum Fishing. Antique and Classic.

Cargo Ships. Center Console. Cruise Ships. Cuddy Cabin.These were sent me by my friend Dody, a crew on this boat for a passage see video below.

Since I am nowhere the seaman Noel and Karola are, here's the version I drew in case I ever built her Although my design business may not be the most prosperous, in return I frequently get to deal with people who dream and act in ways that keeps my sense of humor up.

Boring most of them are not! A case in point is this boat. She was designed for a South African world cruiser. He's been traveling about the oceans in a smaller boat, and learned he could pick up products in some places and carry them to isolated communities, like Pitcairn for instance, and sell them for a tidy profit. He wanted a larger boat to carry alot of stuff and asked me to design it.

She had to be a schooner, of course, since who ever heard of a trading ship that wasn't?

Schooners For Sale

Noel also wanted it to be as low as possible, traditional looking, and quite strong. He wanted a large cargo area, a buoyant hull form, and a hull shape that could be quickly and inexpensively built. Of course I'm not impartial, but I think the design quite successfully meets these criteria.

Plans are available in steel or wood and the single chine hull will be easy to build in either material. The whole middle area is hold. It has cubic feet and can carry quite alot of stuff. Since he'll be carrying "clean" things, like clothing or motorbikes, the hold area isn't bulkheaded off. This way it also can be part of the living area when cargo isn't in it.

Pipe berths could be installed, since one angle is using the boat as a diver's charter boat, maybe going treasure hunting or something.

This interior is planned for carrying stuff. She has the room to be a fine livaboard of course. The basic living space is for two people, but the hold area gives alot of potential living area for a person who would rather have a cruising home. One man building him is raising the freeboard to the bulwark top, which greatly adds to the interior since it raises the floor about a foot without harming the looks.

Schooner boats for sale

Noel wanted the gaff rig and says he and Karola can handle the big main themselves. I'd imagine they can, since folks who own boats like this often are pretty competent. I'm afraid I also sketched up a marconi main which is available with the plans since I think that's the way I'd go unless I had a few people around to help sail the thing. The hull will weigh 61, lbs. She has a long waterline. If she floats 12" high at launch, which she might if built of wood, she could carry 27, lbs.

That's alot of stuff, and one option is to use rock for ballast when sailing empty. The rock could be pitched over before loading cargo. If you were carrying shirts, for instance, which aren't very heavy, you'd remove maybe half the rock. If you were carrying drums of diesel from Mexico, you'd pitch over all the rock.

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That's how the sailing ships used to do it, by the way. Anyway, although her cargo hold makes her a pretty specific use boat, she's still rather interesting, and I'm pleased that boats like this are still being dreamed about by at least one fella in this "Brave New World," and flattered that I was asked to design it.

For those of us who aren't quite the buccaneer Noel and Karola seem to be, a boat like this would still be fun to own. And you know, with a boat like this, maybe one day you would! A few years ago a guy wanted her as a flush deck cutter. It makes sense as there would be quite a lot of room inside. And, the single mast is the simplest. It ain't a schooner but that's OK; she'd still be fun and actually, she'd be easier to cruise and able to point a lot better.


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